July 16, 2021

Was ist dann hier los!?

Daniel Does Chicken and Waffles. 24.10.2021.

From Daniel: Last time we did a brunch, more than HALF of you ordered the chicken and waffles (and loved it). unfortunately, that meant we were sold out out way through the day and a lot of you missed out.We can’t have that again, so lets do the next brunch ONLY with chicken and waffles.We’re talking about whole chicken thighs, marinated overnight I’m buttermilk, pickle juice and a secret spice blend, fried fresh to order and served on double Belgian waffles with maple syrup, ranch dressing, a fried egg and LOTS of handmade spicy pickles. Want extra meat? We got smoked bacon.

Don’t eat meat? We got seitan.

Fully vegan? We got vegan waffles and vegan ranch.

From 11am on the 24th, we will be serving up as many of these as we can until late. Along with these you can bottomless coffee and bottomless mimosas from the bar or Bloody Marys or tasty craft beer! Bookings are highly recommend so don’t delay! Get in touch with Two Fellas Brewery to grab yourself a time slot!

Date Night!

12.10.2021. More Info: shorturl.at/dyBHJ
More Info and how to sign up: shorturl.at/dyBHJ
Brunch 22.08.2021
Brunch! Check our blog post for more details!
Australian Brunch at Two Fellas. 25.07.2021. Reserve your seat now (via Tisch buchen)
Speed Dating at the Fellas! More info: fb://event/?id=528244151656499