March 28, 2016

TGS: Quizmaster’s Wit

Gentleman Quizmasters Wit

Quizmaster’s Wit
4,7% ABV, 20 IBUs

Some would argue it takes equal parts skill, dumb luck, and a steady buzz to outsmart the guy with the answer cards. While the Fellas can’t speak to the first two we got you covered on the last one.

Think East meets West. A classic, unfiltered Belgian Wit gently hopped with spicy Japanese hops from the other side of the globe.

This once only brew is a special sendoff to commemorate the end of the pub quiz season. While you may not be the fastest or the smartest, you only have to be one of the quickest to The Castle Pub to enjoy this single keg brew. Or we suppose you could win the pub quiz…

Availability: On tap now.