January 26, 2023

Mug Club 2023

The Mug Club is back for 2023! We are going to do the mug club slightly differently this year to make it as straightforward as possible. You get:

  • twenty-five percent more beer per pour (500ml of beer for the price of 400ml);
  • a €1,00 discount on all newly released Two Fellas beers for their debut week;
  • and a free pizza and beer for your birthday!

The cost of the membership is €6 per month (more on this later).

You can use any official Two Fellas Mug for the Mug Club. Don’t have a mug? Want a new mug? Our 2023 Mug Club Mug is a 500ml ceramic stein with a sandblasted logo on it. The cost of the mug is €30,00 (which is insanely just the cost of the mug, the engraving, and a few new “Energiepauschalen” that our mug maker has this year). Personalization will be determined in the future but rest assured you will have your own mug on the shelf. At the end of the year, your mug is yours to keep.

A little sad news: our rental contract is only until the end of May. We have everything intention to stay, but it’s not official yet. I don’t want anyone to pay for a service they won’t get, so the Mug Club will run until May 30th, 2023 and once we are officially staying, I will extend the Mug Club to December 31st, 2023. If we are unable to extend our contract, then I will make sure you still get your birthday pizza and beer…

So €30,00 gets you until May. If all goes well and we get to stay, then an additional €42,00 to finish the year. The new ceramic stein with sandblasted logo will cost €30,00.

Sign up is in the bar. After you pay, you will be given a link to finish your sign up.


What about my bottle of Mexikaner for my birthday?

Nope… the pizza and beer replace this. Not everyone has ten friends to share a bottle of Mexikaner with. Or even likes Mexikaner. Plus a lot of people missed their bottle. This is a lot easier to make up.

I have a mug from another year, can I use it?

Yup! Just bring it by.

I have another 500ml mug. Can it use it?

No, only official Two Fellas Mugs.

I don’t want to pay €30,00 for a mug. What are my other options?

The new mug is banging, but I got a few older 2022 Mugs I can sell you for €10,00. I’ll also sell you someone else’s personalized mug that they didn’t pick up for €5,00…

Oh, my old mug is still there?

Yeah, probably. You should get it before I sell it to someone.

Do you prorate the starting fee?

Sure! €6,00 per month plus €1,50 per week until the end of the month (counting the week you are in).

Can I just get a few months or weeks worth of Mug Club?

No, sorry. It’s all or nothing.

Can I stop my membership on May 30th if I don’t want to continue.

All memberships automatically renew. If you have good cause to stop, please email me but the intention is to have a year membership. Due to the precariousness of my rental contract and my unwillingness to not want to charge for a service I cannot provide, I’ve broken it up into two halves.

Can I prorate the second part of my Mug Club Membership if I don’t come in June?

No, it is €42,00.

Are you really considering leaving Pankow?

For five years, I’ve scrapped by on a street outside a Kiez with no foot traffic in Pankow. With all the new apartments in the area, I don’t want to leave. And I don’t intend to. Once my new contract is official, I’ll make it known.

How many “newly released Two Fellas” beers do you expect?

We can brew a beer a week. Sometimes more. Do we always brew at least a beer a week? No. But there’s no reason we can’t comfortably hit 40. Yes, if we brew a beer more than once a year, you get the discount on each release. Newly released beers will be marked on the tap list and marked on our menu. We will also be promoting them on Social Media.

Do I get half off newly released beers during Happy Hour?

No… half off the normal price still seems like a very good deal.

When does my Mug Club 2022 end?

January 31, 2023.

How will you personalize the new ceramic mugs?

I honestly don’t know yet. Perhaps we will engrave them. Perhaps we will use paint. Maybe something external. What’s important to me is that we do something so that every time you come in here, you say: hey, that’s my Mug.

Is your question not answered? Write me.