September 12, 2022

Ben Miller reads from “Bad Gays”

Join us on Saturday, 24.09., at 19:00 for a reading from “Bad Gays” by one of the authors, Ben Miller.

What are Bad Gays?

We all remember Oscar Wilde, but who speaks for Bosie? What about those ‘bad gays’ whose unexemplary lives reveal more than we might expect? Many popular histories seek to establish homosexual heroes, pioneers, and martyrs but, as Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller argue, the past is filled with queer people whose sexualities and dastardly deeds have been overlooked despite their being informative and instructive.

Together these amazing life stories expand and challenge mainstream assumptions about sexual identity: showing that homosexuality itself was an idea that emerged in the nineteenth century, one central to major historical events.

Bad Gays is a passionate argument for rethinking gay politics beyond questions of identity, compelling readers to search for solidarity across boundaries.

Ben Miller is a writer and historian living in Berlin. With Huw Lemmey, he co-hosts Bad Gays, a podcast about evil and complicated queers in history; their book, Bad Gays: A Homosexual History, was published by Verso in 2022. A regular contributor to the arts pages of The New York Times, Ben’s writing has been aditionally anthologized in A Queer Anthology of Healing (Pilot Press, 2020) and Les Tasses – Toilettes publiques, Affaires privées, which won the 2020 Prix Sade. He is the author of Time Is A Queer Thing (Media Guru Editions), and The New Queer Photography (Verlag Kettler, 2020). He is currently at work on a novel and is represented by Doug Young at PEW Literary in London.

The reading will be hosted by Elnathan John, a Berlin based author, creative writing teacher and public speaker.

For more information on Ben and his book, check out Ben’s website: BadGaysPod

See what Elnathan has to say over on Twitter or check out his Insta.

Tickets are €10 and include a free drink. Doors at 18:00. The reading starts at 19:00. If you would like to reserve a table, please fill out the form below.