Lake Michigan IPA, 6,0% ABV, 15.7P, 56IBUs

Lake Michigan IPA is a nod to the ancestral homeland of the Fellas. Chalked full of Cascade and Centennial hops, our India Pale Ale highlights a light maltiness with aromas of floral and citrus. A modest bitterness ensures that you will be ready for another while you sail from Milwaukee to Muskegon.


Sorachi Ace Saison, 6,6% ABV, 15.3P, 29IBUs

Based loosely on the old world recipe of our Belgian neighbors to the west, our saison was designed around the unique Japanese Sorachi Ace hops. A warming alcohol sensation is well balanced by flavors of coconut skin, lemon pepper, herbs and a creamy finish. When your friends are impressed, just give a nod to the Fellas.


Tropical Pale Ale, 5,1% ABV, 13.8P, 30IBUs

A blend of four malts provide the gorgeous red hue of our Tropical Pale Ale. Utilizing Azacca hops, named for the Caribbean god of agriculture, this pale ale packs a unmistakable tropical fruit punch. Our signature pale ale was designed to be approachable for the non-craft beer drinker while remaining interesting for the self-proclaimed beer geek.


Bull Moose Porter, 6,1% ABV, 13.9P, 37IBUs

October 14, 1912. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An assassin’s shot rings out. Moments later, Theodore Roosevelt takes the stage with a bullet still lodged in his chest. He declares “it takes more than a bullet to kill a bull moose” and delivers a fiery 90 minute speech. Our Bull Moose Porter is a nod to the legend. Chocolatey with hints of coffee. An easy drinking porter as robust as Roosevelt himself. At 6% ABV, you’ll feel as fit as a bull moose as you reach for another.


Friends of the Fellas: Lenny’s Artisanal Ales – Lenny’s Alt, 4,9%% ABV

Brand spankin’ new Flagship Altbier by Lenny’s Artisanal Ales. 1 keg only!


Pilsner of the Month: Pilsner, 5,1% ABV, 13P

Fresh unfiltered craft Pilsner with a fresh hop taste. Beer from Lenny’s Artisanal Ales in Berlin.


Here’s to you, Fella.