Hello aus Pankow.

The Fellas Philosophy

Ridiculously Delicious

The Fellas believe craft beer should be ridiculously delicious. Sure they’re brewers, but they’re also beer lovers. Producing handcrafted artisan beer isn’t the easiest nor the fastest, but the Fellas think you’re worth it.

Eco Aware

There may be Two Fellas but there is only one Earth. From reducing waste water to using energy efficient brewing equipment, the Fellas are committed to brewing up a lighter ecological footprint.

Drink Local

You don’t need to travel for hours to drink a delicious beer, so your beer shouldn’t need to travel either. Our Hausbrauerei model ensures you get the freshest beer possible – you deserve no less, fella.

All Natural, Bitte

No artificial flavors or colors. Never. That’s the Fellas pledge to you, fellow beer lover. All of our beers are 100% natural without preservatives. We use only the finest premium malts and real hops to create a beer worthy of you.

Reaching Out...

Touching Me, Touching You